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Australia’s Medical Termination Provider



We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who aim to provide you with a low cost medical abortion service without compromising ‘best practice medicine’. The service you receive is unique in the world; no other country has yet provided women with comprehensive 24 hour care by telemedicine and, moreover, no other medical practice in Australia provides the quality of care that is our standard. In an effort to improve every aspect of our service, we welcome your comments.


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Anonymous commented on 07-Apr-2017 02:16 PM
What a wonderful service! I didn't know about it, and don't need it at my age - but I'm so glad it's there for my daughter and her friends.
Anonymous commented on 30-Mar-2017 10:05 PM
It's so amazing to be aware of these services, personally I'm not in the position where I need this service but it's wonderful to know there are people working hard to allow females to have a choice on how their life is planned out. Reliable access, especially for regional areas and help the entire way - I just want to say that you're a fantastic group of people and should be proud every day that you're helping women gain control of their lives. You're all amazing. I'm 21 and from a regional area, I feel secure knowing that if I ever find myself in this situation, I can get help. So, really, thankyou.



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