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Protecting Your Rights

Australia’s Medical Termination Provider



At the Tabbot Foundation, we like to think that all our patients will be treated with dignity and respect. This must be throughout the entire process of obtaining a medical abortion, regardless of where you live or who is consulted in the process.

As part of our service, our nurse provides a follow-up telephone interview at your discharge. You will be asked whether you have experienced obstruction, intimidation, harassment, or poor treatment by any health practitioner, including their staff.

If you have experienced harassment, abuse, obstruction or intimidation from any medical practitioner or their staff, we encourage you, and will support you, to help make the future better for you and others who may seek these services, especially with regard to services such as those who provide medical information to us - pathology testing, ultrasound testing, and obtaining appropriate referral information and advice from doctors, or nurses.

You can find the complaint handling procedure here:

AHPRA Complaint


Who do I contact to make a complaint?

You have the authority to make a confidential complaint about any doctor (GP, Pathologist, etc.) or nurse, directly to the Australian Health Practitioners’ Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) via the following link to their web address:

Who to contact

If you would like support to make a complaint, please let us know and you will be contacted by one of our professionals who will assist you with this in the interests of promoting all women’s dignity and respect.