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Abortion Canberra, ACT

Australia’s Medical Termination Provider


Abortion Canberra & ACT

Although you live in Canberra, or indeed anywhere in the ACT, for only $250 and all medications for $75, you can have a medical abortion with 24 hour aftercare as a non-surgical alternative to having an operation at the only surgical clinic located in Canberra.

For Canberra women, because the law requires abortion to be performed in an abortion clinic, even just for taking a tablet, you can collect and take the medications in Queanbeyan. We will express mail everything that is necessary, avoiding the need to go to a pharmacy to get any pills.


When can I expect my medications?

All medications are sent by Australia Post Express Post in a plain non-identifiable package. Express Post will take between 24-36 hours to Queanbeyan for collection.

This requires a signature and identification.

We will tell you the day that the medications can be collected and taken in NSW before you return home.

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In ACT, as in all Australian states, only a registered medical practitioner may perform an abortion but unlike most other states, in the ACT, abortion, with either surgery or medical with tablets alone, must be performed in an approved medical facility.

A 2015 amendment to the Health Act allows for the Health Minister to declare exclusion zones around approved abortion facilities where photography and video, harassing, threatening or intimidating behaviour are prohibited.

Currently the ACT Minister of Health is seeking advice from interested parties to reform the Abortion Law.



Abortion Law Reform: What’s new?

On 23 May 2016, Health Minister Simon Corbell said, while the government was committed to enabling women to make an informed decision and access abortion, the legislation did not differentiate between surgical and medical abortions. He has asked ACT Health for advice on the need for legislative change.

For the second time in 16 years we have initiated a change in Abortion Law in the ACT. In 2001, Canberra Raiders rugby league Paul Osborne, as an independent, introduced the "Health Regulation (Maternal Health Information) Bill 1998", which required ACT women to be shown images of the fetus, of the appropriate gestational age that that they intended to abort, and imposed a 72 hour cooling off period. As a consequence to that requirement, in 2001 we opened a surgical abortion clinic in Queanbeyan, about 2 km from the ACT border. Recognising the absurdity of that restriction, the Bill was repealed in the next Parliament by the Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Act 2002; Paul Osborne failed to get re-elected and later went back to pursue his rugby league career.

Under the new legislation, although it took abortion out of the Criminal Code, there was no distinction between medical and surgical abortion. This required women, who wanted to have medical abortion, to attend an approved facility, either the Canberra Hospital or Marie Stopes clinic in Canberra who, using their monopoly advantage, charged the same fee as a surgical abortion.

In 2015 the Tabbot Foundation commenced a service of medical abortion to ACT women by providing the medications by mail to the Queanbeyan post office so that the abortion would commence in NSW. The ACT Legislative Assembly passed laws on 19 September 2018 to no longer require an approved facility to terminate a pregnancy. Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur, who introduced the bill, said “where a person lives shouldn't affect their access to reproduction healthcare. We're pleased that Canberrans will now no longer need travel across the border to Queanbeyan to access these services.”

After the Bill is enacted, probably by January 2019, the Tabbot Foundation will be able to provide medical abortion to any woman with an unwanted pregnancy, if less than 9 weeks, by mail directly to their home without the need to see any doctor or go to a chemist. The Tabbot Foundation program is the first known nationwide telemedicine service in the world to legally offer abortion directly to women without an in-person visit to an abortion provider. The sole exception now remaining is South Australia which still requires that medical abortion must be performed in an approved facility. A South Australian Abortion Action Coalition have been formed to initiate legislative change.




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