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Abortion Central Coast, NSW

Australia’s Medical Termination Provider


Abortion on the Central Coast & New South Wales

If you live in Gosford, Wyong, Terrigal or on anywhere on the Central Coast can have a medical abortion at home for only $250 and all medications for $75 with 24 hour aftercare as an alternative to surgical abortion in a clinic. No referral is necessary from any doctor. If medical abortion is considered suitable, we will express mail all the medications, not just the pills that are necessary for the abortion, but everything that is required so you will not have to go to a pharmacy.

Beware of surgical clinics that advertise medical abortion services but then tell you that they don’t provide medical abortion because it is unsafe.


When can I expect my medications?

All medications are sent by Australia Post Express Post in a plain non-identifiable package. Express Post will take between 24-48 hours.

If you live in an apartment or unit, it may be better to have the parcel sent to the nearest post office for collection.

Parcel Collect, which requires a signature and identification, provides a more reliable and earlier delivery.

Abortion Central Coast, NSW - Map


Abortion Law Reform: What’s new?

Abortion is illegal in NSW, under the Crimes Act 1900, although court decisions have established that abortion will not be unlawful if a doctor reasonably believes it is necessary to save the woman from serious danger to her life, mental or physical health. This is how people are currently able to access termination services. However, women as well as their doctors, remain vulnerable to prosecution for unlawful abortion, and removing it from criminal law will provide certainty to patients and doctors about their rights to access these health services.

The driving force in reforming the law had been taken up by Greens Upper House Member Mehreen Faruqi who introduced a bill into NSW Parliament on 11th August 2016 to decriminalise abortion in NSW and provide safe zones for women seeking a termination. The bill would replicate what has been done elsewhere in Australia.

Labor member Penny Sharpe put forward a second bill but it would do no more than establish safe access zones around abortion clinics in NSW. George Williams, dean of law at the University of New South Wales believes that “this would produce the odd result of providing protection for a practice that is otherwise outlawed.”

Debate of the second reading of the bill occurred on 11th May 2017 when the bill was voted down by a margin of 14-25 votes. Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi, who introduced the bill, said was "completely out of step with modern medical practice, community expectations and laws in almost all other states."

Instead, abortion remains in the Crimes Act, meaning women can only seek one if their mental or physical health is deemed to be jeopardised by a pregnancy.

The Public Health Amendment (Safe Access to Reproductive Health Clinic) Bill 2018 was introduced by Labor MP Penny Sharpe and co-sponsored by Nationals MP Trevor Khan passed the law 8 June 2018 after Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who supported the bill, granted Liberal MPs a conscience vote.

The legislation prohibits conduct that includes interfering with any person accessing or leaving a clinic, filming without consent and communicating about abortions in a manner that is reasonably likely to cause anxiety or distress.

People who engage in prohibited conduct inside the zone may be fined up to A$5,000 and/or imprisoned for up to six months for a first offence. A subsequent offence can have them fined up to A$10,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 12 months.




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