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Abortion Cost

Australia’s Medical Termination Provider


We charge a standard fee for medical pregnancy termination which includes the following services. There is no Medicare rebate on these fees.

  • All medical consultations with specialist gynaecologists or GP doctors experienced in medical termination procedures.
  • Consultation with a clinical psychologist, if necessary.
  • Nursing advice and support given by registered nurses before, during and after the abortion up to 28 days.
  • 24 Hour emergency contact.
  • All medications required for the abortion as well as antibiotics to prevent an infection, analgesics for pain management and anti-emetics for nausea
Not included are:
  • Services by other doctors or diagnostic providers.
  • Any medical or surgical procedures necessary to treat a medical complication or a failed termination.

With a valid Medicare Card $325

Without a Medicare Card $600



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