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Detailed Information

Australia’s Medical Termination Provider


When you are committed to your decision to have an abortion, we make it easy.

If you are not committed, read MAKING A DECISION first.


Phone 1800 180 880 to register. No referral or tests need to be done beforehand. Just make sure your urine pregnancy test is definitely positive. Just one test will do, a positive test is never falsely positive.

When you register, we will ask some questions to make sure medical abortion is safe for you. If you have a Medicare Card, you must have the card with you when you call.

We then fax request forms to pathology and ultrasound providers close to your home for your convenience, trying to choose those that bulk-bill. No appointment is usually necessary for the pathology test; we simply SMS you the address. For the ultrasound, we SMS the phone number for you to call to make an urgent appointment. You will not need to take any request form with you and you will not need to wait or return collect any report or films because the results are forwarded to us directly.


After both the pathology and ultrasound tests have been done, we receive the results overnight and then make an appointment for a doctor to speak to you by phone. The doctor reviews your results and then calls you at the appointed time.


The telephone consultation with one of our doctors requires you to be in a private place where you will have no distractions. We take your care seriously; these consultations will take about 20 minutes, are quite professional and replace the usual consultation that you would have if you attended your doctor in person. Although we make things simple, we don’t regard your care to be trivial.


On the same day that you have the consultation, we express mail to you all the medications required and the instructions. Not just the drugs that cause the abortion, but also analgesics for pain, antibiotics and anti-nausea drugs. See the In Your State page for delivery details. For your safety, if you misplace the instructions, they are available on the ABORTION INSTRUCTIONS page.

On the Day of the Abortion:

We plan the abortion day with you at the time of the consultation. If you want to change this day, you must call us beforehand so we can look after you properly. One of our nurses will call you the day before the abortion and then again on the day of the abortion to check on you. You will also have access 24 hours a day to a specialist doctor.

Seven days after the abortion:

We provide you with a request form with the medications for one further blood test to check that the process is complete. After that test, call us on 1800 180 880 and our nurse will tell you the result and discharge you from our care once we are satisfied with the outcome.



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