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Why Choose Us

Australia’s Medical Termination Provider


We are specialists in medical abortion

The Tabbot Foundation only provides medical abortion and we have been doing this since September 2015 - a long time considering that the medications have only been available on the PBS from 2014. In Tasmania now, almost 50% of abortions are medical not surgical - a trend that we believe will continue across Australia. You may find that some surgical abortion providers, with vested interests, caution that medical abortion is unsafe and is often associated with heavy bleeding and pain. Our experiences and worldwide trends don’t support that.



Worldwide Statistics (Compiled from many sources February 2016)


Worldwide medical abortion rates in most developed countries are around 50% or above. In Australia, the rate at present is about 25%. We believe medical abortion will slowly replace surgical abortion, not just as an alternative, but as a preferred method of pregnancy termination, as has happened in many other countries.

We do everything for you

With our service, you don’t need internet access, a computer or printer. Just a phone. After you register with us, we take over the whole management of your care so you won’t need to print out your own forms, find a pathologist for a blood test or arrange an ultrasound. We do it for you. No paperwork.

We provide gynaecologists and expert doctors

Our doctors specialise in providing abortion and we manage many abortions every year. We don’t combine this with the services that come with a busy GP practice and we are available at all times.

24 hr nursing aftercare

Unlike some other abortion providers, we don’t switch off our phones at 5pm and go home. If you need care or just advice, most other abortion providers will usually tell you to phone a nurse employed by the drug company that imports the medications. We don’t. Our nurse is available for you 24/7 until we discharge you from our care.

24 hr on-call doctor

If you have problems with excessive bleeding or pain, others may just send you to hospital. We don’t. Our doctors actively manage any complication that you may have so that you should not normally have heavy bleeding longer than 4 hours and pain should always be controlled.

Telephone consultation only

We are the first service in the world to provide medical abortion by telephone alone across an entire nation. We recognised the need for women to have easy access to abortion which is why we have chosen phone consultation rather than video conferencing. We don’t send you to your GP to have tests done first; we organise that for you. And we were the first organisation to obtain medical indemnity insurance to provide abortion by telephone because our protocols of management were approved as good medical practice.

All medications supplied

Our service provides all the medications required for medical abortion, not just the drugs that cause the abortion, but also antibiotics to prevent an infection, analgesics for pain and anti-emetics for nausea. We don’t just hand you a prescription and forget the rest. Overall we supply more than $75 worth of drugs.

Active management of complications

We provide additional medications to deal with excessive or inadequate bleeding so, with active management, it is very unlikely that you will need to see another doctor or go to hospital. And we are available 24 hours a day to provide that care.

Not for Profit

We are not “Not For Profit” as some other abortion providers, who send their profits overseas, justify that claim. That’s how our fees are so low; we can proudly say that we don’t have an overseas operation to support.

Lowest cost service $250 excluding medications

Our comprehensive fee is just that. Comprehensive. It includes consultations, nursing care, management after hours and even for 28 days after the abortion. And that’s with specialist supervision too.




Transparency and Disclosure

We are proud of our results and work hard to achieve them. They are the result of best medical practice, 24 hour care and strict management guidelines, all in place to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our most recent audit in July 2017 showed the following outcomes:

  • 97% complete abortion with no intervention.
  • 3% overall intervention rate, requiring treatment from another doctor or hospital, or a surgical abortion.
  • 0.3% failure rate with a continuing viable pregnancy.



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